Soulful Inquiry: Navigating Life's Juicy Questions in There Is No Cheese

Rebecca Alford D'Amato


Embracing the Human-Soul Harmony: A Journey of Self-Discovery

“My literary work, ‘Embracing the Human-Soul Harmony,’ is a culmination of a lifelong voyage through the realms of humanity and spirituality. It encapsulates the profound reflections that have accompanied me since my earliest days. Within its pages, I invite readers to join me on an exploration of what it means to be entirely human while nurturing the depths of one’s soul.

This book serves as a compass, guiding individuals on the quest to unearth their most profound and resonant inquiries. It is a testament to the transformative power of curiosity, as it empowers each one of us to articulate and, more importantly, to live our most burning questions.”

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Reviews Of My Book There Is No Cheese

Carolyn M Light
Soulful treasure
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This is a book which is soulfully written and it grabs your mind and heart as you turn the pages. Rebecca D’Amato is a philosopher, lover and artist. She is so connected to life and to the moments that here and now.
Trina R.
provides permission to be yourself and affect others
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While quite large, the book is filled with transparency that inspires the reader to be authentically him or herself. The author allows insight into her own life experiences and uses her gift of writing to help each of us give ourselves permission to feel, to heal, to grow. With original artwork and mind-blowing insights, There is no cheese is an exploration into the resilience of the human spirit and how contagious joy can be.
Ashton Davis
Great for all audiences and resonates deeply
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A fantastic read for the entire family. It’s written with passion and a pure desire for the finer arts that is evident in its expressive nature. It leaves no topic off of the table and is a household necessity. Written by the glorious Rebecca D’Amato, this book is truly a gift and so is she.
There is no cheese here
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To call this a book is not quite accurate. It is a journey. It made me cry and smile. Sometimes it provides answers but mostly it encourages you to question the nature of your relationship to everything. I am so thankful to have experienced it and am hopeful to continue to experience it.
Elizabeth A. Wolfe
Challenge your mind
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It will open your 💗. Challenge your mind. Make you remember your past. Love your children. Feel compassion for all. Embrace your sexuality. And want to make our world better.
Avid reader
Curious, poetic and wise !
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It’s that book… The ONE… The one that quietly and crazily leads you to see your truth and invites you to live it.
Anonymous reader
Provocative thinking
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A provocative challenge to conventional thinking. Wild, wicked, and wonderful insights into life.

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Rebecca Alford D’Amato’s “There is No Cheese” is an imaginatively illustrated book that leads readers to an interpretation of life that is not only livable, but on fire!

Short Description

Recent release “There Is No Cheese” from Page Publishing author Rebecca Alford D’Amato is a refreshingly honest, thought-provoking work that is simultaneously nostalgic, present, and forward-thinking, a commentary on how to be fully conscious as both a human and a soul.

Long Description

Rebecca Alford D’Amato, a spiritual, passionate, mischievous misfit, has completed her new book “There Is No Cheese”: a wide-ranging, sense-arousing, poetic contemplation of the perplexities of humanism which will make readers laugh and cry and question this majestic experience called life.

Rebecca asks, “What does life want from me? What do I want from life? Do the questions themselves tell the story? Am I asking the right questions? Is there a wrong question?” Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, Rebecca Alford D’Amato’s playfully provocative quest offers a relatable journey into the messages and meanings of the human experience.

Readers who wish to partake in this ingeniously curious adventure can purchase “There Is No Cheese” at bookstores everywhere or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

For additional information or media inquiries, contact Page Publishing at 866-315-2708.

Review By Paula Flint;
R.B.A., M.A.,
Counselor, Psychologist, Life Coach,
Reiki Master, Teacher,
Coauthor F.A.I.T.H. Finding Answers In The Heart

Life in a physical body is a journey along a razor’s edge. Upon birth, humans are endowed with the gift of free will. We must tread lightly because that razor’s edge is sharp and cuts deeply. At this most auspicious time in the history of humanity, we all have a choice. We can choose to land on the side of hate, anger, fear, judgement, self-righteousness, and power-over. Or we can choose to land on the side of love, contentment, nonjudgment, spiritually-inspired self-awareness, and power-with. There is no in-between on a razor’s edge. That’s why Becky’s search for cheese is so elusive. Becky is the only person I know who lives on both sides of that razor’s edge simultaneously. Her book will take you on both sides of the journey of humanity. By reading her book, you will be constantly shown who you would most love to be and who you most hate being. Her stories tell both sides of the sharpest edge you have yet to imagine! Sometimes you will be cut, deeply sliced to the core of your being. Sometimes you will heal, allowing you to soar to the heights of ecstasy. But I promise, you will not stay long on your razor’s edge. It’s too sharp for even the heartiest of seekers. After reading Becky’s book, you may come away a changed person, a more whole person, a more self-aware person. I hope you savor every slice of your cheese. 

I have known Becky for many years. Becky is beyond a shadow of a doubt my dearest most unique friend. She seeks the light in the darkest of places. In her book, you will find her Soul laid bare for all to see. And in her nakedness, you just might find yourself. 

Becky’s book is BIG because her hard-fought answers are BIG. There really is no cheese. There is only us, seeking our own answers to our own questions. Ask big questions. Get big answers. But here’s the key: We are eternal. There is no cheese because there is no end in which to house the cheese. We humans have a hard time grasping that concept. We live deeply mired within time and space, therefore we are forced to view life in a linear fashion. But not my dear friend Becky! Becky lives inside her head, above the time track, above the space where seeking is necessary. She is not afraid to live her truth while screaming it from the roof tops. I greatly honor this brave Soul named Becky. And I would highly recommend you take the time to find yourself within the echoes of her scream.

Some wonderful reviews from Judges; the 10th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.

“This book is exemplary … It is unique but still has strong appeal for most readers in its intended genre. 

There may not be a cohesive theme for the book, since we do wander widely among topics, but that’s where the beauty lies. It’s a big, jumbled, beautiful pile of creativity.

Author writes with bright energy, and some of the insights may floor us in their seemingly disjointed transitions, but it’s always told to us in happy or emphatic tones so that we embrace the insights. For instance: ‘Some people get greedy and feed. I prefer to taste and tongue twirl.’ We’re then quickly off to how she flies with her supplements in a plane seat. It’s all over the place, but it’s what the author’s narrative design is.

Very often, great insights pop up in the manuscript. ‘You will be what you believe you will be.’ We have to look for them, but the insights are there. Using the different colors of ink reminds me of the works by Sark, artistry in the writing itself sharing the insights she brings. This book carries that same feeling of words bursting off the page. Well done.”

“The book in its nature is charmingly and enjoyable without structure. Author calls this a guide for attention deficit, and it’s fascinating for the reader to experience this book with a different kind of order than we may be used to. Good work and fine reading in this format.”

“Wow, a book this big with no typos to speak of. Author has magnificent sense of order and proper writing and has put a lot of time into making a clean edit for the reader’s full immersion in the topics.”

“This book is exemplary in production quality and cover design. The physical materials, printing, and binding are of professional quality and traditional industry standards. The typesetting and page layout (including illustrations, images, or figures) are easy to follow, thoughtfully designed, and error free. The cover appears to be professionally designed and is compellingly related to the content/genre of the book.”

“The cover has a lot to look at, from the author in her boot to angel wings, an apron. A visually interesting cover conveys to the reader the sense that this book will be wild and freely ordered, unexpected. With so much material here, in so big a design, reader finds fun visuals throughout as well. Branner’s artwork is adorable. Fresh gifts keep popping up within the pages.”

Article Published on "Her Campus" website