Rebecca Alford D'Amato

About Rebecca Alford D’Amato

I Am…the ferocious, sensuous, authentic poet for whom my Secret Self lusts.

Born a Cosmic, Spiritual, Mischievous Misfit, I used to think maybe God left out something pretty imperative when designing me, because on planet Earth, I find I no sooner get slightly comfortable with whom I might actually BE becoming, than the numbing, self-sacrificing rituals begin. Being human has never come easy for me…

I reside in the question mark. I breathe in words. Curious questions bore holes through my Soul on the regular. I piss off everyone I adore …just enough to help us love each other…maybe a little bit more.

Find yourself within the echoes of my naked screams. 

I’ll be waiting for you. 


  • Bachelor of Arts in Communications with a Minor in Creative Writing 
  • Master of Arts in Education
  • Certified in secondary English 
  • Winner for 2 short stories and one poem in Mockingbird Literary Magazine 
  • Winner in Annual Writer’s Digest Children’s Books Competition, 2022

All I want to do is Realize what I Realize.

In a Satori moment, I allowed it: I stopped resisting and received it: Divine Consciousness: all the guidance, love, support, peace, abundance: I cocreated with the higher vibrations of Me which is You and all of Earth too.