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An upcoming, aspiring author. I am passionate about connecting with you in a way which helps you escape into the wonder and stardust of your own life. My book, There Is No Cheese, is an offbeat, wanderlust speculation on WHY which promises to arouse all of your senses, your being, and your non-being. An ambrosial cocktail of sunshine and barb wire. A manual to your Human. A manual to your Soul.

Rebecca Alford D'Amato

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My Book There Is No Cheese

Rebecca Alford D'Amato


There is No Cheese is a compilation of reflections compiled since childhood on how to be fully human and fully soul simultaneously. 
My book is about figuring out your own personal juicy questions, so you can ask them and live them!

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Reviews Of My Book There Is No Cheese

Carolyn M Light
Soulful treasure
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This is a book which is soulfully written and it grabs your mind and heart as you turn the pages. Rebecca D’Amato is a philosopher, lover and artist. She is so connected to life and to the moments that here and now.
Trina R.
provides permission to be yourself and affect others
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While quite large, the book is filled with transparency that inspires the reader to be authentically him or herself. The author allows insight into her own life experiences and uses her gift of writing to help each of us give ourselves permission to feel, to heal, to grow. With original artwork and mind-blowing insights, There is no cheese is an exploration into the resilience of the human spirit and how contagious joy can be.
Ashton Davis
Great for all audiences and resonates deeply
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A fantastic read for the entire family. It’s written with passion and a pure desire for the finer arts that is evident in its expressive nature. It leaves no topic off of the table and is a household necessity. Written by the glorious Rebecca D’Amato, this book is truly a gift and so is she.
There is no cheese here
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To call this a book is not quite accurate. It is a journey. It made me cry and smile. Sometimes it provides answers but mostly it encourages you to question the nature of your relationship to everything. I am so thankful to have experienced it and am hopeful to continue to experience it.
Elizabeth A. Wolfe
Challenge your mind
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It will open your 💗. Challenge your mind. Make you remember your past. Love your children. Feel compassion for all. Embrace your sexuality. And want to make our world better.
Avid reader
Curious, poetic and wise !
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It’s that book… The ONE… The one that quietly and crazily leads you to see your truth and invites you to live it.
Anonymous reader
Provocative thinking
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A provocative challenge to conventional thinking. Wild, wicked, and wonderful insights into life.
Harrison Higgins
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Dear Bec,
What an amazing and wonderful book you have written, so full of gems, delights, wisdoms and laughter. I am trying to imagine how you pulled it all together. It is like a treasure hunt through a magical landscape which is your mind. Thank you for this beauitful gift.
Brain carnival
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This book is so much fun to read and see. It opens a Pandoras box in your brain. This is one of the most uniquely creative book I have ever read. The author is someone I want to have a glass of wine with to pick her brain. We could talk for hours. If you want to be whisked away on a journey to the infinite, then buckle your seat belt and go for a ride. You will be left wanting more.

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