I Am a piece of Awareness

Toxicity whispering in my ear,
Full moon, full heart,
I am not imprisoned by my thoughts.
Were you ever taught that yearning is a shortcoming?
Do you believe wanting is a weakness?
Do you think you deserve what you desire?
Do you think it is arrogant to aspire?
Do you find it easier to embrace your limits than your desires?
Is a short reach more polite?
Are you not brave and creative enough to pursue your thirsts?
Are you too brave and creative to pursue your thirsts?
Is it safer to reside in doubt than give yourself over to ambition?
How do we create the uncreated?
Where do the lost chances go?
Do you trust your Intuition?
Your Being?
Your Self?
Your Godliness?
Are you alive?
Are you wholly alive?
How can you share your heart, if you can’t feel it to start with?
Are you settling?
Why do you settle?
Do you desire . . . desire?
Do you prefer to be passive or passionate?
Do you prefer to be constrictive or expansive?
Do you ever feel like you are trading in your free spirit for an exercise in futility and survival?

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